Hamilton: An American Musical


Edited Hamilton poster showing 5 monkeys on star.

This award winning musical follows the story of Alexander Hamilton as he goes from an orphan who lived a difficult childhood on the Caribbean Islands to New York City to become one of America‚Äôs founding fathers. The songs are written by actor, director and songwriter Lin Manuel Miranda and use a variety of song genres including; hip hop, jazz, pop, soul, traditional style show tunes, and R&B. Lin Manuel Miranda was inspired to write the musical after reading the autobiography by Ron Chernow that was written in 2004. The play has a significant impact because of the contrast between the story of how America looked back then versus how America looks like now. The musical; features Leslie Odom Jr, playing as Aaron Burr, Hamilton's nemesis throughout the play. It also stars Phillipa Soo, Renee Elise Goldsberry and Jasmine Cephas Jones playing as Eliza, Angelica and Peggy, three sisters who had a close relationship to Alexander Hamilton. Jasmine Cephas Jones also played Mariah Reynolds, the woman who Alexander had an affair with.